Data Management

At text2net, we know how to bring structure into large sets of data.
However, the best data is often well hidden and scattered across hundreds of PDFs.

We have supplemented our content and data management services with technical web service solutions for content and data automation in order to leverage this kind of data too.

Our Smart Content Automation Services (SCAS) can fulfill a wide range of requirements for e-commerce and online marketing.

Structure data semantically

The Data Extractor reads data from PDF documents and converts it into a semantically structured format. You can then transfer the data obtained in this way to your PIM, DAM or content management systems via REST API and thus gain completely new insights into your business.

Such a tidy database is also an ideal starting point for your text automation project to generate varied texts at the push of a button.

Automatically revise PDF content

Whether you need to replace an outdated address, a logo or a product name: Revising large quantities of PDF documents is time-consuming and a drain on your resources.

The PDF Reworker enables you to automatically localize outdated information and correct it quickly and reliably. This allows you to keep your content up to date with unparalleled speed.

Generate SEO-optimized metadata

What good is the best data if the search engines can't find it? With our Schema Generator, we put your data in the right form according to the international standard and automatically import it into your website if required.

You too can use the automated creation of optimized metadata to land at the top of the SERPs.