Data management

E-commerce is characterised by rapid changes. Suddenly, new technologies are improving your business processes and the customer experience.

Due to this development, we have supplemented our content and data management services with technical web service solutions for content and data automation. Our Smart Content Automation Services (SCAS) can meet a wide range of requirements for e-commerce and online marketing.

Structure data semantically

The Data Extractor draws data from PDF documents and makes it available for other purposes via exchange formats or REST API in a semantically structured format.

This is an important step whenever structured data is not yet available, e.g. for e-commerce, or if you want to process data for text automation or other needs.

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Swapping PDF content

The PDF Reworker defines areas in PDF documents where the content is to be substituted. Using these templates, automated content replacement for thousands of PDF documents is possible afterwards.

This is especially useful in cases where large numbers of PDF documents need to be updated on a one-off or regular basis.

Generate SEO code

The Schema Generator creates SEO-optimised meta information according to the international standard

Through this, website code is generated that significantly improves the interpretation and presentation of content by search engines.

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