Text automation

Creating large volumes of text costs either time or money - in the worst case, both. We are happy to help you use these two resources more efficiently. From product descriptions in online stores to stock market news and the writing of scientific research results, we have already covered an enormous range of applications for text automation.

Instead of writing hundreds or thousands of individual texts with a very similar structure by hand, we train a text engine to do this automatically for you. Using the available data - whether product information, current share prices or the humus content of a lawn - we create text frames within the engine. Each product, each share, each plot of grass now contributes its own unique data, thereby completing the respective text.

Of course, you need more variety than just what the individual data records provide. Product descriptions which always sound the same not only put customers off, even search engines want to be better entertained. Therefore, when creating our text frames, we pay attention to diversity and a wealth of variants, to the use of synonyms and alternative formulations - depending on the customer's requirements, in large numbers and in enormous depth.

Once created, the text frames can be used to create thousands of texts literally "at the push of a button". And not just once. If the summer collection is to be presented instead of the fall collection, or if the stock market news should be presented daily with the current prices, adjustments within the text engine are sufficient and all texts are up to date with just a few clicks. Time and money can be saved more than once.