We manage content

We help you with your content management needs and provide content support for your website.
Our services offer added value for online marketing and e-commerce as well as for the planning and implementation of relaunch and migration projects.
Our project management advises and supports you during all process phases of your content projects.

Added value through content management

Our content management services offer added value across all phases of your online marketing activities:

  • Daily content maintenance
  • CMS training sessions
  • International Rollouts
  • Translation control
  • Asset management and DAM operations
  • Web analytics support
  • Social media support
  • First-level support
  • Test management after CMS releases

To visualise the added value of our services, watch the video on the right.

DAX-listed company or NGO: Content management is a challenge

You’ve developed sophisticated product strategies and communication concepts for your target groups – but the newly created content and data must also be processed and find its way to the web. Often, however, this last and supposedly easiest step proves to be the bottleneck for the publication of your content.

Ever since the development of the first content management system, CMS manufacturers have been promising intuitive and fool proof handling of their systems. But the reality looks different.

Every step in itself, from image processing to correct text input within the CMS, from search engine optimization to finding correct keywords, is no rocket science. But taken together, the complete process is very complex and time-consuming, especially in an international environment. This is particularly true when working with a CMS is not a daily routine.

Thus our offer to you: Leave your content management tasks to the text2net team! We work with the leading CMS solutions in an international marketing environment on a daily basis. Hence we are fast and effective with the highest quality standards. Long-standing customer relationships with internationally active companies confirm this.

And you are able to free up your internal capacities for your core business!

Web analysis, SEO or social media: We handle everything according to your needs


Digital marketing today is so much more than just a domain with pretty images: Your valuable content must perform well in search engines and get shared via social media. You also want to keep track of all your digital activities. Do you really have the time to balance all these objectives?

We can do this according to your specifications: Leave it to us to perform the often tedious, but important routine tasks in web analysis, SEO or social media.

Web analytics: We will regularly compile the relevant metrics and KPIs for you in easy-to-read reports from Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Facebook or Twitter.

SEO: We will carry out regular SEO audits for you with the established tools such as SISTRIX, Majestics or SEOlytics and, above all, apply the time-consuming optimisations.

Social media: We post your content on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, find fitting images and hashtags if required – and thus ensure the correct presentation of your messages in the corresponding channels. And you can concentrate on the dialogue with your fans and followers.

We work with the leading content management systems


text2net has been working with the leading content management systems for 15 years:

Do you get your work done with the help of international editorial teams? We are ready to help your teams perform with CMS trainings.

We support you with test and release management during CMS upgrades.

Digital asset management to improve efficiency

The increasing flood of images and documents in ever new formats makes the professional management of digital assets indispensable. A DAM system organizes digital assets in a central location, automates workflows, provides easy access to media resources, and thereby increases the efficiency of content management.

We help you to migrate and maintain your media assets. We digitize, organize, index and maintain your press kits and image collections. This reduces your maintenance efforts for media management and frees up creative capacities for content creation.

Monitoring of user rights and license agreements becomes easier and potential costs due to rights violations can be avoided.

Effective project management ensures project success

With our help, you can implement your content projects with the greatest flexibility and efficiency possible. Thanks to our many years of experience working with global industry leaders, we have intimate knowledge of which factors determine the success of a content migration after relaunch or an international rollout into different national markets.

With 15 years of process experience, you can rely on our project management skills to ensure the success of your content project.