Three at one stroke: Data management with SCAS


Over the past two years, we have been adding technical solutions to our content management services. Not least through impulses and input from our parent company Charax. We call this portfolio of services and technical solutions “Smart Content Automation Services” – or SCAS for short.

So far, we offer three components with SCAS, each as a web application. We would like to briefly outline each one below.

data extractorData Extractor

Anyone involved in text automation knows this too well: Often the main entry barrier is “structured data”. We have already dealt with this topic some time ago, when we presented our Data Extractor.

schema generatorSchema Generator

With the Schema Generator, you can create SEO-optimized meta information based on internationally recognized standards like and Google.

Working with the Schema Generator, you first select a schema and then define the required parameters. In the last step, you can export the generated code to implement it into your website.

With this technically optimized, enriched information provided in the code, the interpretation of your content in the search engines is improved significantly.

pdf reworkerPDF Reworker

With this solution you can define areas in PDF documents where specific content should be exchanged. This is interesting for all cases in which large quantities of PDF documents have to be updated once or regularly.

With the PDF Reworker, you basically create templates for automatic content replacement, which can then be reused automatically with thousands of PDFs. In this respect, this procedure is very similar to creating text templates for text automation.

With these three SCAS components, we offer attractive solutions especially for medium-sized companies to support them in their digital transformation.

  • Author: Horst Wigger
  • Photo by Pixabay